Just listening is an ongoing project of Antti Tolvi. Antti is listening and talking with artists and philosophers whose work and practice is deeply connected with sound.



(Photo by Noora Isoeskeli, Kiilan Äänipäivät 2016)


Episode 3.

National libarary, Helsinki, Finland 2pm-3pm, 24/1/2020.

First 25 minutes we are just listening. At 24:40 (you can jump there from the link) we start talking. We listen in three different rooms. 1st 0:00, 2nd 10:00 and 3rd (where we are talking also) 19:00.

Tanja Tiekso is a PhD specialized on theories of composition, experimental music and art theory. She owns a EAR-tificate on Deep Listening at The Center for Deep Listening, and currently works with art research project at University of the Arts Helsinki (FIN).


Episode 2.

Rice paddy, Alapad, Kerala, India 11am-12am, 16/12/2019.

First 15 minutes we are just listening. At 15:20 (you can jump there from the link) we start talking.

Michael has been a exploring sound-as-art for the past 30 years. He reframes surroundings by relocating sounds and waking up spaces by using natural sound phenomena, homemade instruments and ready-made objects to create location based improvised sound-art. His intent is to intervene with the current media saturated culture by slowing down and listening deeper to the mysterious ‘otherness’ lurking quite literally under our noses.


Episode 1.

Central Station, Copenhagen, Kingdom of Denmark 2pm-3pm, 26/9/2019.

First 12 minutes we are just listening. At 12:00 (you can jump there from the link) we start talking.

Tobias R. Kirstein (b. 1972) is an artist, composer, curator and writer. Since the end of the 1990s, Kirstein has worked as a composer using the radio, the audio recorder and tone generator as main instruments; as a conceptual artist working with performance art, sound installations and writing and also worked as a curator fx. at Mayhem (www.mayhem.kbh)- a pivotal venue for extreme sound that he also co-founded – and the interdisciplinary Click-festival.